On May 6, Jared Kushner's sister Nicole Kushner Meyer spoke at an event in Beijing to drum up money and investors for 1 Journal Square--a Kushner Companies property listed on this site. Specificially, Ms. Kushner Meyer urged attendees to act quickly in order to secure EB 5 investor visas by buying into the project before the US government tightens requirements for EB 5s. She also "casually" mentioned that the project "means a lot to me and my entire family," and the event's planners emphasized her brother's ties to Trump. She is obviously more than happy to use her connection to the Trump administration to sell 1 Journal Square.

Here's the website that Qiaowai (侨外), which is flogging the EB 5s for Kushner, put together to encourage buyers. Qiaowai has since removed any mention of the Kushner development from its public website.

First, you'd never know that the name of the development is 1 Journal Square, unless you read the fine print (instead, the name appears to be "Kushner 1"). Qiaowai also assures you that Kushner is a "star" developer with a long track record and tons of money. Oh, and that the building is "government supported."

Um, what? After initial coverage of the Beijing event in major American newspapers, Qiaowai slightly altered its original ad, which had used the tagline "government supports, star developer builds." Qiaowai changed the words to a slightly more subtle message: 政府支持发展, or "government supported development." Despite this tiny shift, the website essentially assured Chinese investors they would be buying into a project that a very powerful family supports. Even though Qiaowai has now scrubbed the Kushner development from its site, company head Ding Ying continues to use the same argument, according to the New York Times. Given the reality of politics and money in mainland China, this is a savvy sales strategy. Given the laws of the United States and the norms of our democratic system here, it is also completely illegal and unethical.